Our Philosophy is always the same:

No Driving, No Parking, No Memberships, No Excuses.

Allison Brunet – TPS

Allison Brunet was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario. Since a very young age, she has had a passion for a variety of sports, massage and the healing arts. She is a year-round outdoor enthusiast.
She incurred several sports injuries over the years. As a result, she became intrigued with learning a variety of different treatment methods and practices.
In 2009, she attended Algonquin College in Ottawa for Massage Therapy. It was there that she discovered her life-long appreciation for Trigger Point Therapy. It was also during this program that she discovered her spirit was guiding her towards Eastern based medicine and the healing arts.
In 2015, she moved to Vancouver to pursue a career as in Film and Television as a stunt person. She began working with high-level athletes with challenging schedules who did strenuous work and frequently found themselves in need of effective treatments such as deep tissue massages.
Allison’s passion for the healing arts will always be an essential part of her professional life and defining aspect of her personality. She is eager to provide in-home services to those who would benefit from a variety of treatment methods.
In the future, Allison hopes to travel to Asia to hone her skills in martial arts and pursue her studies in the healing arts.

Samantha Casey – CR, CSP

Samantha Casey graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005. Samantha worked with Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D. Medical Director at Vitalia Health Care at the Canadian Hyperbaric Institute. She had her metal levels checked during this time, and the results showed that the air and water quality from growing up in an industrial community had accumulated several heavy metals. Sam accumulated a toxicity level of a person 4x’s her age. She immediately started the metal detoxification program under: Dr. Alibhai’s supervision. The dramatic transformation of her own health, inspired her passion for holistic wellness.
Samantha is now is focused on show-casing and directing people to other registered mobile health practitioners.
If you are tired of searching for somebody that cares and want to see and feel real results, Samantha practices a holistic and results-based consultative approach.
“The best treatment for any health condition is prevention in the first place. The answer is not a magic pill… The solution is simple: Proper nutrition, Exercise, Cleaning the body of harmful chemicals… this is the answer! Take charge of your own health!” – Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND