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Detoxify Yourself: Tips to Remove the toxins from Daily Life

With air pollution, pesticides and unhealthy foods, your body is probably full of chemicals and poisons that you don’t even think about. If you want to DETOX your entire mind, spirt, and life, use any of the ideas below from the Medical Professionals for removing the poison.

10 Goals for Every DAY
keep these 10 tips in mind each day for a regular detox session.

  1.  Watch less TV: Watch less TV, if any. Your mind will be more free to concentrate on projects and things that matter, like the present. Avoid annoying commercials, celebrity gossip and superficial materialism they are time and energy wasters.
  2. Limit your online activity: It’s pretty much impossible not to log on to your e-mail, facebook, twitter, and God knows how many other accounts...
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