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How to Allergy – Proof your May long travel plans

I write this as a person who finds it difficult to sleep in hotels and often due to moldy air conditioners, dust mites, and other guests.  However if you adequately prepare and plan for a getaway, having an environmental or food allergy shouldn’t stop you from the dream vacation.  Here’s how:

Do your homework before leaving for your destination.

Research local allergens:  Depending on where you’re travelling,  pollen, dust, cold or humid air and air pollution or smoking grandparents for a week can take its toll.  Pack a antihistamine and check a head of time to make sure the airline you travel with will have an epinephrine.  You should have a note from your doctor if you do need to travel with one.  Always make sure you let the flight attendants know of any allergies.

You can always...

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