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Ariana Grande, U2 and Canucks games @ Rogers Arena

Massage on the Go does events!


Lately we have had a ton of fun working with our contact at Rogers Arena. Booking a corporate massage day there has opened up the door to many exciting and entertaining events we have had the pleasure of attending. So far we have enjoyed some action packed Canucks games, and the amazing musical talent of Ariana Grande and U2.

Are you planning an event? Consider booking on-site massage. It is a great way to elevate the atmosphere of your event and treat your guests to a little bit of luxury. Our staff are selected specifically for their outgoing and engaging personalities to make everyone feel at ease.

Massage on the Go @ U2 ..on the Go, in the suites @ Rogers Arena
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Workplace Wellness: Steveston Tattoo Company

IMG_5412Thanks to the Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show, we made some new friends at the Steveston Tattoo Company.  We go twice a month to their fantastic shop for a Workplace Wellness day with our mobile massage.

Booking massage for the workplace is a great way to invest in your team.  Massage is proven to have many health benefits – from lowering stress to boosting the immune system and relieving chronic pain from repetitive movements or  sitting bent over in a chair for many hours.  By investing in your team’s health, you are investing in your company’s success by limiting sick days and even staff turnover.  It’s also a great way to enhance the company morale.  Investing in your team’s wellbeing shows you care and certainly gives everyone something special to look forward to.

Did you know t...

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