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11 Anti-Aging Tips for Winter Hydration

photo credit: Corbis
photo credit: Corbis

As the temperature drops and we turn up the heat to stay cozy, the air┬ádries out leaving us itchy, flaking and vulnerable to premature aging. Winter activities like skiing, snow shoeing and even just shovelling your driveway can put you at risk of dehydration because your lungs are working extra hard to warm and humidify the dry, cold air you are breathing. Altitudes also play a factor. Staying hydrated in winter can be a challenge as our need for water intake increases, but our natural response doesn’t. By the time we feel thirsty, we are already very dehydrated!

Here are 11 tips for staying hydrated in the Winter:

1. Water Plus – for activities less than an hour, water is sufficient for hydrating...

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