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11 Anti-Aging Tips for Winter Hydration

photo credit: Corbis
photo credit: Corbis

As the temperature drops and we turn up the heat to stay cozy, the air dries out leaving us itchy, flaking and vulnerable to premature aging. Winter activities like skiing, snow shoeing and even just shovelling your driveway can put you at risk of dehydration because your lungs are working extra hard to warm and humidify the dry, cold air you are breathing. Altitudes also play a factor. Staying hydrated in winter can be a challenge as our need for water intake increases, but our natural response doesn’t. By the time we feel thirsty, we are already very dehydrated!

Here are 11 tips for staying hydrated in the Winter:

1. Water Plus – for activities less than an hour, water is sufficient for hydrating...

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Routines for a Healthy Fall: Work & Study Habits

Part 3: Work & Study Habits

Fall is a great time to establish or re-evaluate your work and study habits.  With bigger workloads and schedules comes more stress.  Creating good habits can set you up for success and help you manage the extra load.  Here are some tips to help you get started:

Frame of mind:

The best approach to getting things done is to have a positive attitude about it.  When you are in a calm, focused and positive frame of mind, its easy to produce quality work or to concentrate on learning something new and retaining that information.  It is when we are distracted, upset, overwhelmed or clouded by negativity that it becomes difficult to focus on the task at hand...

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Routines for a Healthy Fall – Part 2, Meals

Part 2: Meals

For most people, fall is the busiest time of year.  Kids are back to school with extracurricular activities and year end goals and deadlines at work are pressing.  In the midst of chaotic and demanding schedules, it can be near impossible to find the time for a proper sit down meal.  However, making time for proper nutrition and the time to enjoy it, is very important for staying healthy.  Here are some tips to make meal time more efficient and enjoyable so you can keep your health AND productive schedule:

Menu Planner:  create a menu plan for the week (or the entire month!) and stick to it.  By choosing foods that are in season, you will not only get the freshest and best tasting foods, but also the cheapest.  Select items that can be used in multiple dishes, cutt...

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Routines for a Healthy Fall – Part 1, Sleep

Routines for a Healthy Fall

September represents the end of summer and the ritual of back to school and back to the grind.  As the days get shorter and our schedules get busier, it becomes necessary to establish a routine to stay organized.  To learn the magic formula for making any routine stick, you can jump over here.  For creating a routine specific for fall, we’ve focused on the 3 areas in our lives that are typically the most affected by the changes of the season: 

– Sleep

– Meals

– & Work / Study Habits

Part 1: Sleep

By the end of summer, sleep habits start to change dramatically.  Gone are the days of feeling boundless energy, stimulated by the seemingly endless daylight.  Energy levels start to fade as the days get shorter and cloudy weather starts to roll in...

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Sexy Summer Skin & Hair

Summer is undoubtedly the sexiest season.  Its the season of revealing as our wardrobes change from sweaters, pants and boots to bikinis, shorts and flip flops.  All year we look forward to transforming our pale bodies and dull hair into a glowing, sun-kissed tan and luminescent highlights BUT, too much time in the sun can leave you with tired, ashy skin and dry, brittle hair with split ends.  Take precious care of your skin and hair this season by treating yourself to a few easy (and delicious) DIY home treatments.  Here are some of our favourite Summer Skin & Hair Remedies to bring your Sexy back:

Natural SPF for Sexy Skin:

We won’t get into the great debate about the health of sunscreens, but when you have a choice, natural is usually better...

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Surviving Summer Festivals

Surviving Summer Festivals: on location @ FVDED IN THE PARK 2015

Summer festival season is upon us and we recently made it back alive and well from Live Nation’s FVDED in the Park held at Holland Park in Surrey featuring headliners Deadmau5 and The Weekend. Massage on the Go set up a mobile massage tent in a cluster of cedars; the only shady respite in the park at this blisteringly red hot event.  We came, we saw some world class music acts, we conquered the sweltering heat and writhing crowds and came away changed from the experience.

Offerings at the Massage on the Go Festival Tent included a UV Prevention massage with SPF factor, an aloe vera UV Recovery & Relaxation massage, Summer Maintenance package with a deep tissue massage, ionic cleanse ...

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Ariana Grande, U2 and Canucks games @ Rogers Arena

Massage on the Go does events!


Lately we have had a ton of fun working with our contact at Rogers Arena. Booking a corporate massage day there has opened up the door to many exciting and entertaining events we have had the pleasure of attending. So far we have enjoyed some action packed Canucks games, and the amazing musical talent of Ariana Grande and U2.

Are you planning an event? Consider booking on-site massage. It is a great way to elevate the atmosphere of your event and treat your guests to a little bit of luxury. Our staff are selected specifically for their outgoing and engaging personalities to make everyone feel at ease.

Massage on the Go @ U2 ..on the Go, in the suites @ Rogers Arena
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Workplace Wellness: Steveston Tattoo Company

IMG_5412Thanks to the Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show, we made some new friends at the Steveston Tattoo Company.  We go twice a month to their fantastic shop for a Workplace Wellness day with our mobile massage.

Booking massage for the workplace is a great way to invest in your team.  Massage is proven to have many health benefits – from lowering stress to boosting the immune system and relieving chronic pain from repetitive movements or  sitting bent over in a chair for many hours.  By investing in your team’s health, you are investing in your company’s success by limiting sick days and even staff turnover.  It’s also a great way to enhance the company morale.  Investing in your team’s wellbeing shows you care and certainly gives everyone something special to look forward to.

Did you know t...

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Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show

This year was our third year in the Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show. The convention centre was a packed establishment with urban art and tattoo exhibitions. It was nice to see old friends and connect with new ones. The atmosphere was nothing less then amazing with all the astonishing personalities. Throughout the thousands of people that we had met during the weekend there was an overwhelming sense of camaraderie, and unity. The show created a safe space for people to showcase their differences and individualities and then proudly celebrated them. The tattoo competitions were so exciting, and kept the adrenaline going throughout the entire weekend.
Reflecting on the show, it becomes understood that these sort of events are well organized, and much needed for the cultural market...

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How to Allergy – Proof your May long travel plans

I write this as a person who finds it difficult to sleep in hotels and often due to moldy air conditioners, dust mites, and other guests.  However if you adequately prepare and plan for a getaway, having an environmental or food allergy shouldn’t stop you from the dream vacation.  Here’s how:

Do your homework before leaving for your destination.

Research local allergens:  Depending on where you’re travelling,  pollen, dust, cold or humid air and air pollution or smoking grandparents for a week can take its toll.  Pack a antihistamine and check a head of time to make sure the airline you travel with will have an epinephrine.  You should have a note from your doctor if you do need to travel with one.  Always make sure you let the flight attendants know of any allergies.

You can always...

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