Detoxify Yourself: Tips to Remove the toxins from Daily Life

With air pollution, pesticides and unhealthy foods, your body is probably full of chemicals and poisons that you don’t even think about. If you want to DETOX your entire mind, spirt, and life, use any of the ideas below from the Medical Professionals for removing the poison.

10 Goals for Every DAY
keep these 10 tips in mind each day for a regular detox session.

  1.  Watch less TV: Watch less TV, if any. Your mind will be more free to concentrate on projects and things that matter, like the present. Avoid annoying commercials, celebrity gossip and superficial materialism they are time and energy wasters.
  2. Limit your online activity: It’s pretty much impossible not to log on to your e-mail, facebook, twitter, and God knows how many other accounts. However you’ll be more productive and will probably end up using the time you would have wasted on something more important and fulfilling.
  3. Stop gossiping: Always thinking and spreading nasty thoughts about others brings your own mood and self-confidence down.
  4. Use non-toxic cleaners: Using non-toxic home cleaners helps rid your home of unnatural substances that can be harmful to your health.
  5. Quit smoking: Cigarettes contain over 4,000 different chemicals, including nicotine, tar, hydrogen cyanide and even arsenic, all of which will poison your body.
  6. Exercise: Exercising helps purify your mind and your body by releasing aggressive emotions and endorphins. Exercise also helps your body take in more oxygen and pump your blood faster.
  7. Sleep better and longer: Learn valuable techniques for getting a more relaxing, effective sleep each night in order to let your body fully recuperate from the previous day.
  8. Introduce organic produce when possible: Fresh, organic fruits and veggies that are free of toxins that can harm your body.
  9. Limit the number of pills you pop each day: If you have a chronic health condition, we’re not asking you to stop taking pills. But if you pop several pills every time you have a teensy headache, your putting way too many kidney-damaging chemicals into your system.
  10. Breath deeply: Breathing deeply increases the flow of oxygen into your body and helps to relax your mind.