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Routines for a Healthy Fall – Part 1, Sleep

Routines for a Healthy Fall

September represents the end of summer and the ritual of back to school and back to the grind.  As the days get shorter and our schedules get busier, it becomes necessary to establish a routine to stay organized.  To learn the magic formula for making any routine stick, you can jump over here.  For creating a routine specific for fall, we’ve focused on the 3 areas in our lives that are typically the most affected by the changes of the season: 

– Sleep

– Meals

– & Work / Study Habits

Part 1: Sleep

By the end of summer, sleep habits start to change dramatically.  Gone are the days of feeling boundless energy, stimulated by the seemingly endless daylight.  Energy levels start to fade as the days get shorter and cloudy weather starts to roll in...

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