Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show

This year was our third year in the Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show. The convention centre was a packed establishment with urban art and tattoo exhibitions. It was nice to see old friends and connect with new ones. The atmosphere was nothing less then amazing with all the astonishing personalities. Throughout the thousands of people that we had met during the weekend there was an overwhelming sense of camaraderie, and unity. The show created a safe space for people to showcase their differences and individualities and then proudly celebrated them. The tattoo competitions were so exciting, and kept the adrenaline going throughout the entire weekend.
Reflecting on the show, it becomes understood that these sort of events are well organized, and much needed for the cultural market. They are especially important in bringing people together and feeling united for a cause. It’s important to make forward movement like these events, in modern society, because we should all be accepted as who we are.
The feeling of oneness, is something we should all put forward in our daily lives.

Thank you to Tim at Trick Factory Customs for having us.
Shout out to Steveston Tattoo Company, Crystal at Liquid Amber Tattoo, Our new friends from Calgary and to our neighbour Morgan A.K.A Fredrick.

See you all next year!