The Bodies Garage


Our vision is to be a persons one stop shop for personal self care and regular maintenance.
Making it as simple as changing the oil in your car.


Keeping healthy through detox should be a relaxing part of a fun routine.
The Bodies Garage promotes successful lifestyle habits, and supports the effort needed for all the steps to become comfortable with your ideal level of health.
Achieving your “best” regime requires effort on all fronts, and The Bodies Garage has developed a “Basic Maintenance Package” designed for everybody! We’ve done the research that finds practical approaches to new issues; training that requires adapting to a modern style of living, and we’ve utilized those skills through: personal training, body work that is enhanced by specific company designed and hand crafted Canadian products, and teaching that ensures creativity towards balancing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tune Up or Tune Out.

You are eligible for A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is for any sized business to provide superior employee benefits through a health and dental plan with a modest flat 5% fee. The owners and their employees receive comprehensive medical coverage while enjoying substantial tax savings. A PHSP is a low-cost alternative to health and dental coverage under a monthly-premium based Insured Plan. Just as important, membership connects you with other health focused individualism and supports a common effort to promote and showcase a healthy individual and how to build a sustainable Canadian economy.

Basic Package

  • 30 Min Sauna with a Buff and Polish
  • 30 Min Massage

Price – $90